When The Church Stands Up, Satan Sits Down | Guest: Marc Little

September 9, 2021

A leader in policy, education, community development, and civic engagement, Marc Little is a lawyer, pastor, and fierce defender of the least of these. Speaking from a depth of spiritual clarity lost on most pastors today, Marc explains the power of ideology and the importance of the Church preaching the full counsel of God to a culture in desperate search for the truth. Pastor Marc explains the spiritual stronghold abortion has on the church and the culture, how the idol of race has blinded many pastors to the false philosophies of critical theory, and the ministry of mercy the Church must provide for the mothers and fathers who killed their own children. Marc takes us on a prophetic journey through the scriptures to see our current political moment through the timeless wisdom of God’s word and promises and calls the Church to retake her prophetic calling!

Date: 09/09/21

No Longer Bound Ministry: https://www.nolongerboundministry.org

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